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Agri-Environmental Group Plans also provide opportunities for agri-environmental education and awareness through activities and events, such as workshops, trade shows, newsletter articles, presentations to Rural Municipalities and producer groups, producer consultations, and more.  With input from our member organizations and Board of Directors, our staff plan and produce several informative workshops throughout the year that focus on agri-environmental topics that are relevant to our watershed area.  For information about current and upcoming activities and events, please contact our office at 306-752-1270.

Our staff are available to speak at events, seminars, meetings and other events on agri-environmental topics including invasive weed identification and management, range health, developing water sources for livestock, riparian area health and protection, and more.  We are also able to connect producers and the public to technical resources on a wide range of topics.  We also have an extensive library of informational materials and resources at our office.

We also publish educational and informative articles in our quarterly newsletter, The CRVWA Water Source, that focus on agri-environmental education.  These newsletters are distributed to all watershed residents with the NorthEast Sun newspaper and are available on-line.