Membership Benefits

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  • The CRVWA is a grassroots, non-profit organization working locally for the benefit of our watershed and all of its citizens.
  • Members assist in charting the direction of the CRVWA by identifying potential projects, topics of concern, problems and potential solutions.
  • Members have voting privileges at the CRVWA Annual General Meeting, and their appointed representative can be elected to the CRVWA Board of Directors.
  • Members have a position and voting privileges on their local Watershed Advisory Committee.  There are 3 Watershed Advisory Committees: Carrot River East, Carrot River West, and Lenore Lake Basin.
  • We assist members with project planning; access to funding and/or grants; identifying and developing potential projects; and accessing technical support to overcome issues that directly impact our watershed.
  • Membership fees are used locally for the benefit of our watershed.
  • We administer the Agri-Environmental Group Plan, which allows local producers to access technical support and cost-shared funding opportunities for selected farm stewardship projects on their farms within the Carrot River Watershed.  Our staff are available to assist producers with applications to the Farm Stewardship Program; and assist producers and Rural Municipalities with applications to the Farm & Ranch Water Infrastructure Program, identification and weed management planning, and access to technical support and resources to implement Beneficial Management Practices (BMPs).
  • We offer school programs including an annual poster contest; the Melfort Burger & Fries Farm; interactive watershed model demonstrations; watershed, water conservation, and environmental education for students in Grades 1 through 12; and we have partnered with Agrium to bring Caring For Our Watersheds to our area.
  • We work closely with the Saskatchewan Water Security Agency, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Environment, and actively seek out partnerships to deliver effective and relevant programming to our members.
  • We have a large library of resource materials available at our office, in addition to the resources and information available on our website.


Membership rates vary based on the size and/or type of municipality, or type of organization.  Please refer to our membership application form for current membership rates.


For more information or to arrange a presentation to your organization about membership in the CRVWA, please contact us at 306-752-1270 or