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We are very excited to partner with Watersheds Canada and Canadian Wildlife Federation to bring Love Your Lake to the Carrot River Watershed.  Love Your Lake is a shoreline evaluation and stewardship program that was developed by Watersheds Canada and the Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF).  Lakes participating in the Love Your Lake program will be assessed on a property-by-property basis using a standardized assessment protocol and datasheet.  After every shoreline property on a lake is assessed from a boat, each shoreline landowner will receive access to an individualized property report consisting of information on the state of their shoreline and suggested voluntary actions for shoreline improvement. These simple suggested actions help protect and enhance shoreline and lake health.

The CRVWA launched Love Your Lake at Wakaw Lake in 2016.  We are proud to be 1 of the 5 watershed stewardship organizations bringing this program to Saskatchewan.  More information can be found on-line or by contacting our office at 306-752-1270.

As part of the Love Your Lake program, shoreline property owners are sent a values survey at the launch of the project for their lake.  The responses to the survey are the compiled into a summary report.  The Love Your Lake Values Survey Report for Wakaw Lake contains the compiled results of the survey that was distributed to shoreline property owners at Wakaw Lake in May 2016.

As a follow-up to Love Your Lake, the CRVWA is proud to be able to work with shoreline property owners to encourage naturalization of their shorelines.  Natural shorelines help to protect our water bodies, stabilize soils, provide valuable habitat to wildlife, promote biodiversity, and contribute to a healthy, functioning riparian area ecosystem.  More information about the CRVWA Natural Edge Program for 2017 is available by contacting our office.carrotrivervalley_leaderboard_static_v2