Agri-Environmental Group Plan

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As part of Growing Forward 2, Agri-Environmental Group Plans (AEGPs) provides education and awareness to deal with environmental issues where action by all producers in an area can have a measurable impact. Under the Carrot River Watershed AEGP, our staff provide producer level support for the Farm Stewardship Program and Farm and Water Ranch Infrastructure Program.

Since its formation in 2010, the Carrot River Watershed AEGP has submitted applications on behalf of local producers for projects worth an estimated total value of over $1.5 million.   In addition to assisting producers with stewardship projects, our staff work with member organizations to develop invasive weed management plans; develop and publish fact sheets and newsletters;host agri-environmental educational events, workshops and seminars; create awareness of agricultural stewardship opportunities; and promote activities that are beneficial to local producers and to our watershed.

For more information, contact our AEGP Technician directly at 306-920-8166, email, or visit the Government of Saskatchewan website.