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The CRVWA Board of Directors is comprised of 8 to 12 representatives.  This includes 2 to 3 representatives of member organizations from each of the Watershed Advisory Committees, which are determined geographically and include Carrot River East, Carrot River West, and Lenore Lake Basin; and 2 ex-officio members, which are an appointed representative of Agri-Environmental Group Plan Subcommittee and the Past Chairperson of the CRVWA.

The CRVWA also has an Executive Committee which is elected by the Board of Directors annually and is comprised of the Board Chairperson, Vice-chairperson, and Secretary-Treasurer.

Current Board of Directors

Carrot River East
Alvin Aylea Town of Arborfield Vice-chairperson
Susan Schroepfer Pasquia Park Regional Park
Bud Charko RM of Moose Range
Carrot River West
Lorne Thomson Resort Village of Wakaw Lake Secretary/Treasurer
Cliff Schmidt RM of Hoodoo
Rick Lang City of Melfort Chairperson
Lenore Lake Basin
Lionel Dosch St. Peter Conservation and Development Authority
Clarence Puetz RM of Humboldt
Robert Harley Past Chairperson
Morgan Leigh AEGP Subcommittee Representative


AEGP Subcommittee

The Agri-Environmental Group Plan (AEGP) Subcommittee is a group of producers that have volunteered to provide local producers with the opportunity to apply for eligible Beneficial Management Practices (BMPs) without having to complete an individual Environmental Farm Plan (EFP), and perform peer reviews of these applications to the Farm Stewardship Program.  BMPs eligible under the AEGP will have a positive impact on the watershed that extends beyond the individual producer’s farm yard.  A current list of BMPs eligible under the AEGP can be found on the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture website or by contacting our AEGP technician at


Current AEGP Subcommittee Members

Morgan Leigh, PAg                              Chairperson

Chris Jenkins                                         Vic Chairperson

Catherine Mazurkewich                     Secretary/Treasurer

Robert Harley                                       CRVWA Representative

Dean Sturby

Lisa Taylor