Carrot River Watershed Agri-Environmental Group Plan (CRW AEGP)
Working with agricultural producers, the CRW AEGP promotes farm stewardship, assists producers with implementing Beneficial Management Practices (BMPs), and enables area producers to apply for cost-shared funding for BMPs available through the Canada-Saskatchewan Farm Stewardship Program. The CRW AEGP also provides educational opportunities for area producers and strives to increase watershed awareness by developing and delivering field days, workshops and newsletters. 
Carrot River Valley Watershed Association (CRVWA)
Dedicated to preserving the character and integrity of the Carrot River Watershed, the CRVWA is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that incorporated in 2011 to implement the Carrot River Watershed Source Watershed Protection Plan.  Serving all residents of the Carrot River Watershed in east central Saskatchewan, the goal of the CRVWA is to give community members the informed insight and tools they need to make positive changes in the watershed by working together to protect source water and the natural beauty of our watershed for current and future generations.