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watershed-models-school-presentationsWe have two interactive, educational watershed models that we bring to schools, trade shows, events and presentations to demonstrate how water moves throughout our environment and identify opportunities to protect our water resources.  The Watershed/Non-Point Source model provides a hands-on demonstration of the sources and effects of surface water pollution and demonstrates ways to prevent it. This model is suitable for all ages.  The Groundwater Simulator model demonstrates groundwater flow and the interaction between wells in unconfined and semi-confined aquifers, as well as the interaction between ground and surface waters.  This model demonstrates the importance of decommissioning abandoned groundwater wells, and protecting existing wells.  A Rainmaker system sits on top to the Groundwater Simulator model to demonstrate the water cycle.  This model is suitable for all ages, but of more interest to ages 7 and up.  Demonstrations of either model can be tailored to fit the age level and/or desired curricular outcomes of the presentation, and our staff will work with you to ensure the presentation fits your needs.

Our staff are also available to speak to schools, youth groups, camps, 4H clubs, and other youth organizations about water conservation, watershed stewardship, environmental issues, riparian area health, invasive species, and careers in Agriculture and Environmental Sciences.  Contact our office for more information.