Species at Risk are plant or animal species that have populations that are declining to the point of disappearing all together.  These species are often sensitive to human activity and natural events, and require careful consideration and management to ensure their survival and protection.  The Saskatchewan Species at Risk Farm Program from SimplyAg Solutions Inc. works to help protect, enhance, and increase awareness of species at risk on farms in Saskatchewan; enables producers to complete a voluntary and confidential farm self-assessment to develop a Species at Risk Farm Action Plan; and provides producers the opportunity to accessing funding through the Saskatchewan Species at Risk Farm Program.  You can learn more about the “target species” for this program at http://simplyag.ca/target-species/.

In partnership with SimplyAg Solutions Inc., we are hosting a Species at Risk (SAR) Workshop on Thursday, March 23, 2017 from 9am to 4pm at our office in Melfort.  This free workshop is open to producers that are interested in learning about Species at Risk in Saskatchewan.  This workshop will provide details on identification techniques, how to determine which SAR habitat you have on your farm and ranch and how you can manage for SAR while benefiting your farm or ranch operation.  You will have the opportunity to complete a farm/ranch assessment where you will identify the different habitat types on your farm or ranch and work through an action plan where you will work through some species specific BMPs.  You can find out more about the Saskatchewan Species at Risk Farm Program at http://simplyag.ca/brochure/ or by contacting our local program representative.

For more details and to register, please contact Morgan Leigh, Saskatchewan Species at Risk Farm Program Representative, at 306-921-6631.