Farm Stewardship Program

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Under Growing Forward 2, the Farm Stewardship Program (FSP) provides eligible Saskatchewan producers with assistance to implement Beneficial Management Practices (BMPs) to help maintain or improve the quality of water, soil, air, or biodiversity.  A BMP is defined as any agricultural management practice which ensures the long term health and sustainability of land-related resources used for agricultural production; positively impacts the long-term economic and environmental viability of agricultural production; and minimizes negative impacts and risk to the environment.

Applying to the Farm Stewardship Program

Our staff assist local producers with FSP applications and access to technical support.  There are two types of FSP applications, rebate or preapproval, and producers must meet basic eligibility requirements.  FSP applications are submitted to Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture Financial Programs Branch where they are reviewed and deemed as eligible or ineligible for current BMP programs.  Financial Programs Branch will contact the applicant directly with their decision.  If a producer is applying to the FSP and does not have an Environmental Farm Plan, they are able to apply for select BMPs and their application will go through a peer-review process with the AEGP Subcommittee prior to being submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture.  Contact our AEGP Technician for more information at 306-920-8166 or