Farm & Ranch Water Infrastructure Program

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Under Growing Forward 2, the Farm and Ranch Water Infrastructure Program (FRWIP)supports secure water supplies in Saskatchewan. Funding is available for projects designed to expand irrigated acres, grow the livestock industry, encourage rural economic activity, and mitigate the impact of drought.

FRWIP categories include:

Technical support for FRWIP projects is available through the local Water Security Agency office.   CRVWA staff are available to assist producers, Rural Municipalities and First Nations with the completion of applications to FRWIP, and also can facilitate access to technical support and resources.  FRWIP applications are submitted to Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture Financial Programs Branch for review and approval, and Financial Programs Branch will contact the applicant directly with their decision on the application.

The Groundwater Services Branch of the Water Security Agency can provide technical support to applicants of the Farm and Ranch Water Infrastructure Program (FRWIP). Specific areas of technical expertise include:

  • Provide information on groundwater resources – Information and advice is provided to the public on potential ground water resources. Ground water interpretation is determined using geology and ground water resource maps along with water well driller reports, geophysical logs (elogs) and any relevant local studies that have occurred in the area. The assessment includes information on the various exploration methods and well design considerations.
  • Decommissioning of abandoned water wells – Provide technical information on well decommissioning and the method to properly seal the well.
  • Material and location – Information is provided on the potential location to develop a groundwater supply and the construction materials used in industry.
  • Well-head protection of existing water wells – Provide general information on what steps need to be taken to protect the well head. Specific information regarding the water well is required to determine options for protecting the well head.

For technical assistance regarding these groundwater topics, contact Senior Technologist from Groundwater Services: Rob Walcer, A.Sc.T. – (306) 694-3445